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Oscar and Ophelia

Two ospreys have spent the past 20 years returning to waters off Ceduna in South Australia, to breed on nests constructed by former oyster farmer Royce Hart. Having replaced the wooden structure six times, when the weather took its toll again it was decided a more durable material was needed.

Replas came to the bird’s rescue and provided composite fibre and recycled plastic which was used to create a new structure. The ospreys, nicknamed Oscar and Ophelia, come back each year to hatch their chicks and now have a nest that will last for more than forty years without the need for maintenance.

Shorty’s Staircase

Replas recently visited the Ron ‘Shorty’ Connors staircase at Lennox Heads – where the legend lives on. We knew we needed our toughest product to represent this great man, so we chose Replas Enduroplank and composite fibre to ensure it stands up to the test of time.