Australian owned, Australian made, from 100% Australian plastic waste.

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Composite Fibre

Enduroplank™ can be combined with a sturdy composite fibre sub-structure to create a timber-free solution for a variety of projects including boardwalks, footbridges, decks, cycle paths and jetties.

The innovative design of the composite fibre structural components allows them to be seamlessly integrated with Enduroplank™ recycled plastic decking, resulting in structures that are both strong and timber-free.

Like the recycled-plastic Enduroplank™, the composite fibre structural components are extremely lightweight, making them easy to install and transport.



Enduroplank™ is a recycled-plastic decking which represents the very latest in technology. This hard-wearing material not only offers you a sturdy long-lasting and maintenance-free product, but also provides an ethical alternative to using timber. It is ideal for a myriad of commercial applications and is especially suitable for marine environments as salt water will not corrode the material, even when submerged.